Wall Reinforcement

More commonly in older construction, foundation walls can bow and crack because of inward pressure from soil and water. This is because many foundation walls were constructed using cinder block or unreinforced concrete. When the foundation wall is compromised it will begin to bow inward and crack as if the wall is going to give way and buckle. The wall may not have the structural integrity to pull back into place with wall anchors, but wall reinforcement straps can be used to hold the wall in place and keep the inward movement from getting worse.

Steel beams can be placed vertically from floor to ceiling against the foundation wall to keep it from moving inward. Gaps between the steel beam and foundation wall will need to be grouted to insure that the beam is firmly connected from top to bottom.

Carbon fiber straps can also be adhered to the wall to achieve the same result. Using virtually the same spacing and height as steel beams, carbon fiber wall straps have been proven to get the job done.