***ADDED 6/20***

Wall reinforcement will make your walls steady and secure. Sometimes underweight and pressure, walls will begin to bow and crack. Therefore, it is important to make these walls sturdy by building them correctly. Stone retaining walls are commonly used to hold back the dirt and earth of a landscape in order to create different contours and to allow a leveled area for development. Reinforcing these walls is a must to ensure they are strong enough to hold back the land and keep your structure safe. Although building retaining walls may not be a difficult project, it will require hard labor and attention to detail. A wall that is above 3 feet will definitely need to be reinforced. Some precautions will need to be taken once a wall reaches or surpasses 3 feet that will help it stay in place because of the high amount of pressure pushing on the wall from one side. Metal ties and rebar are spread within the wall to reinforce it. There are a number of rebar technics and crossovers that can be placed in walls to more fully secure them.  A concrete footer will also be poured beneath the wall to help make a strong foundation for a retaining wall. Other walls will also use rebar, metal ties, and footers to reinforce the walls. Sometimes a set of steel or carbon fiber piers may be drilled into the ground next to the wall to reinforce it and keep it stable.

Wall Reinforcement