Systems We Use

***ADDED 6/21***

Foundation systems will stabilize and secure your structure’s foundation to prevent damage. There are a number of materials that can be used to accomplish this task; however, the system will be either a shallow or deep foundation repair. Shallow foundation systems will add shallow supports that will provide minimal support by distributing the weight of the structure onto the surrounding soil. These shallow installations may be the installation of footing beneath the walls, mats, or strip foundations. Each will create a wider area at the base of walls to distribute the weight. Footings create a wider base than typical load bearing wall foundations. The wider the base of a wall or column, the more the weight spreads out to create better stability. The shape and size of individual footing are calculated based on the load to guarantee a safe bearing capacity on the surrounding soil. These shallow supports should not be used on soils where there is any possibility of a ground flow of water. Moisture and soil erosion can lead to damage in the future, and therefore, require the installation of deep foundation supports. Deep foundation repairs will utilize drilled shafts or piles that are drill deep beneath the ground under a structure. Surpassing the loose or unstable soil, and drilling right into the hard bedrock. There are a number of different piles that are available. Contacting a specialist will help you to know which type of foundation supports is best for securing your structure.