***ADDED 6/20***

Like helical piles, stelcor piles can be used to secure new or repair existing foundations, deep below the ground. Stelcor piles are an excellent choice of micro piles that install quickly and effectively. Stelcor piles are installed by drilling into the ground using high torque drive heads, which are completely encased with grout. As the pile is installed, high strength grout is pumped into the shaft formed at the surface by the displacement head and pulled down with the reverse auger to fill the void created. The cost of stelcor can be relatively cheap because there is no vibration or dirt displaced in the process of installation. These stelcor piles can provide a large amount of support from any building even in poor soil conditions. Stelcore piles are great for creating a stable and secure foundation for high-rise buildings, boardwalks, towers, silos, pipe racks, homes, and sewer supports, being able to support loads up to 250 tons.