***ADDED 6/20***

Stabil-Loc provides another option when thinking about supporting your home and ensuring the foundation. A Stabil-Loc foundation piering system is very efficient in permanently providing foundation repair for bowed walls, sinking foundations, and other structural issues. This is done with foundation piers and carbon fiber supports that are installed in your walls and underneath your home. When installing stabil-loc piers, they are drilled down into the bedrock or stable strata beneath your house to support the weight. The piers are installed directly beneath your walls so that they are stabilized and sinking is prevented. A mechanism that is used in the installation process, allows the pier to rotate as the house is lifted, and ensures contact with the bedrock. By using this machinery, it makes sure that the pier is installed perpendicular to the footing after it is lifted, and does not create serious stress on a bowing pier when the weight of the house sits upon the pier. This may be a very involved process, but it will make a great fix and provide support for a very long time.