***ADDED 6/21***

Foundation repair will be very important to help keep your home clean and crack free. Over time, the foundation of your home will begin to erode away, causing your home to gradually shift and sink. A few indicators that your home’s foundation may need repair is when cracks and sinking become visible around your home. The foundation walls will begin to buckle and bow noticeably. Doors and windows around your home may also become harder to open and close and may stick instead of gliding smoothly. Cracks in your foundation, exterior, and interior walls will form cracks. These cracks will allow moisture to enter your home, leading to mold and other water-related issues. Trying to patch up the cracks will only be a temporary fix, as the foundation will still shift over time. Compromised walls may bring uninvited insects who love to hide in small cracks and crannies. The floors of your home will begin to sink and buckle as well, creating uneven surfaces in your home. An increase in squeaky floors will also occur as the floorboards are shifted from the sinking foundation. All of these indicators of foundation damage can all be fixed easily; however, they will continually need maintenance and will not solve the problem.

Therefore, fixing your foundation should be a great interest in maintaining your home. Although it may be costly, the price for foundational repair will only increase over time as the problems intensify. Repairing the base of your home with foundational supports will also increase the value of your home if you should decide to sell.