***ADDED 6/19***

The term mudjacking refers to a method that is used in fixing and leveling concrete slabs. It may also be called concrete leveling, pressure grouting, or slab jacking. Concrete leveling or “mudjacking” is a process in which concrete or other material is pumped under an existing concrete slab that has been cracked or has become uneven, to level out the slab make the surface level again. Therefore, mudjaking will attempt to alter the foundation of an uneven concrete surface so that the slab does not need to be replaced. Concrete leveling has become a much cheaper alternative instead of replacing the old broken concrete slab, and has become commonly used for small businesses, homes, factories, warehouses, airports and on roads, highways and other infrastructure. Pretty much everywhere is utilizing Mudjacking because it saves time and money. Leveling out the concrete is a fairly easy process. A water/dirt/concrete mix is pumped beneath the concrete area to lift the slab back up. This mixture of materials is referred to as a “slurry”. The ingredients will vary depending on the different type of company, and even some jobs may use a more think mixture of materials. Mudjacking can also be utilized to correct other problems around the house such as foundation settling, crumbling curbs and repairing falling sidewalks.

Concrete may begin to crack or shift for a few reasons. First, the soil underneath the slab may shift over time; thus, altering the foundation that the concrete sits on. This is also referred to as soil erosion. Another reason for concrete shifting is if the slab was not poured correctly the first time. If the soil was not compacted correctly, then the slab may begin to sink. So, when installing concrete, make sure that the dirt has been properly compacted. When concrete begins to crack or shift, it may lead to an unnecessary walking hazard, it will also puddle up with water, and could possibly cause foundational issues for your home.