***ADDED 6/21***

Magnum piers are another revolutionary development in foundation repair. Magnum supplies numerous piers and supports to match your needs for any structure. Magnum specializes in manufacturing and installing helical piers, push piers, grout piles, ram kits and more for any foundation need. Ram kits are useful because they will help identify if piers can be installed for your home. These kits will also allow for a more stabilized installation and long lasting repair. Slabjack piering systems are great for precision lifting applications. Although they may only add temporary support, longevity may be increased if additional piers are installed to help support the slabjacks. Helical piers can come in four different sizes depending on the size of the load for a specific job, withholding capacities as much as 250 tons. Providing ample support for any structure. Push piers can be used to cut the installation time of piers, by allowing the structure to be lifted. Therefore, crews do not need to dig underneath the footer to try to install the foundation piers. Magnum piers can be used for a number of different applications, such as supporting pedestrian boardwalks, houses, solar panels, wind turbines, gas compressors, and high rises. Magnum tests its products and ensures maximum capability and safety. So you don’t have to worry about the house falling down, magnum piers are built to support and last as a permanent foundation support system.