***ADDED 6/20***

Many in recent years have considered lifting their concrete, instead of replacing their concrete. This is because lifting your concrete will give the same results had you removed all of the existing concrete, leveled out the area again, bought the correct concrete bags, poured the concrete, and then let it sit for a certain amount of time. In other words, concrete lifting skips the hassle of replacing broken or shifted concrete slabs.

Another reason for concrete lifting is that it will cost much less than replacing the slab. No extra concrete mix needs to be bought nor mixed. Just a simple polyurethane mix is pumped beneath the slab. Lifting may cut down about 50% of the cost and will take much less time to achieve the same result. Carrying heavy slabs of concrete can be long backbreaking work. However, lifting the slab will take only a few hours to fix the problem. It will also decrease the amount of risk of dropping a major piece of concrete. The process will also be less disruptive. Instead of utilizing heavy materials and block off the space, pumping a mixture beneath the concrete will not utilize heavy machinery to replace the broken slab.

Therefore, lifting your concrete instead of replacing will be a win-win situation for you and the contractor.