STELCOR Drilled-In Micropiles- Foundation Repair Utah

Long term, sustainable foundation stabilization.

Stelcor Drilled-in Displacement Micropiles are an ideal solution for limited access areas, poor load bearing soil, shallow depths or high water tables. The unique design delivers lasting Utah foundation repair where other piles have failed. If your foundation is a good candidate, an Interwest of Salt Lake City foundation contractor will provide a free on-site estimate to restore structures to a secure foundation using the cutting edge technology of STELCOR.

  • High lateral capacities achieved at less depth
  • No negative impact on the environment
  • Vibrationless installation without disruption to the surrounding properties
  • Advanced technology ensures no spoils, no cross contamination, and no waste
  • Minimal mobilization and demobilization costs
  • High speed, high strength, and high savings.

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*There is $150 fee for foundation repair inspections requested by a non-homeowner or for a real estate transaction.

Hydraulic Rotary

Hydraulic powered rotary equipment is used to drive the micropiles into the ground, each micropile remains as part of the new foundation. Minimal equipment is required, reducing damage to surrounding areas and allowing for micropiles to be placed in limited access work sites.

Systems We Use

Reverse Flighting

As the downward pressure is applied, a steady flow of grout is supplied to the pile. Reverse flighting, running the full length of the shaft, draws the grout downward to form a continuous grout column. The grout and micropile interweave establish a fixed, anchored substructure and positive soil displacement.

Foundation Solutions

Positive Soil Displacement

Load bearing soil is not removed but distributed outward resulting in greater compression and tension load capacity at lesser depths. While the steel is displacing the soil, the grout is displacing the water, making this application ideal for high water tables.

Industries We Serve

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Sustainable, Stable & Secure Foundations

Interwest has successfully achieved high axial load capacities in extremely poor soils, very shallow depths and difficult to access areas with STELCOR. The strength of the steel pile and grout is integrated into the newly densified soil to create exceptional lateral load capacity and long term stabilization. The drilled-in displacement micropiles lead the industry in structural, geotechnical, mechanical and installation design and load testing results. For durable, sustainable foundation repair in Utah contact Interwest today.

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