Foundation Systems in Utah

Concrete foundation Repair solutions

If the foundation of your home or business begins to shift, settle or sink, you will begin to see the signs of structural damage. Sinking foundations can result in bowing walls, basement leaks, foundation cracks, cracks in brick, stucco and sheetrock and windows and doors that no longer close as well as they once did.

Fortunately, foundations can be repaired. Interwest Piering & Concrete Lifting has used various Utah underpinning methods to halt deterioration and permanently stabilize the foundation of homes and buildings all along the Wasatch Front. Some of these methods include Stabil-Loc and Magnum Piering Systems

Stabil-Loc Magnum Piering Systems

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*There is $150 fee for foundation repair inspections requested by a non-homeowner or for a real estate transaction.

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Stabil-loc House Lifting

Stabil-loc is an innovative new foundation stabilization system capable of permanently fixing any structural foundation problem. This new Utah pier foundation system reaches and anchors to stable strata in bedrock, not collapsible soils and shifting sands, to achieve support.

Utah Foundation Lifting

Magnum Piering & Lifting

Interwest resistance piering or helical piering systems will stabilize and/or raise the foundation to its original position to prevent further home, building or foundation settlement. Foundation piering is a great way to ensure that your investment stays on solid ground for many years to come.

Utah Foundation Piers