Wall Reinforcement in Utah

Foundation wall repair solutions

Due to improper foundation laying or pressure from the surrounding soil, water, and landscape features, foundation walls can sometimes become compromised. Left unchecked, walls can eventually collapse, causing severe damage to the structure. To prevent collapse, a few things can be done. One option is the use of large braces to reinforce and stabilize the foundation walls.

Vertical, steel I-beams stand against the foundation wall, providing a backbone, as it were, to stabilize the wall and correct any bends or buckling. Utah concrete wall repair will ensure the structure is supported as it was intended to, preventing some potential future settling or shifting over the unfit wall. And because no excavation is required, installation is simple, unobtrusive, and fast.

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*There is $150 fee for foundation repair inspections requested by a non-homeowner or for a real estate transaction.

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Utah Wall Anchors

Another option for reinforcing walls is using a series of steel plates or anchors to hold walls firmly in place and together. Utah wall anchors gain leverage from the stable soil to the side of the foundation, reaching past the unstable soil immediately next to the foundation, similarly to how [pier systems] dig below the settling, shifting soil to hard strata deeper in the earth. Whatever is needed to stabilize your foundation is what we’re willing to do.

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