Heavy Duty Wall Anchors in Utah

Stabilize your foundation walls with concrete wall anchors

In some cases, foundation problems are caused by damage or insecurity in the foundation walls themselves. Buckling, bowing, tilting, breaking, or otherwise damaged walls can jeopardize the integrity of the entire building. We can step in and install foundation wall anchors in Utah that will stabilize your foundation walls and let the foundation function the way it’s supposed to.

How do they work?

While helical piers work vertically, stabilizing your foundation by attaching it to stable strata deeper in the ground, wall anchors work horizontally, allowing you to hold your foundation walls in place, using the stable, undisturbed soil to the side of or directly beneath your foundation. Heavy duty wall anchors are made of durable, non-corrosive steel, allowing them to remain effective over long periods of time, though some retightening may be required as soil settles or erodes.

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Utah Wall Anchors

While damaged or unstable foundation walls are a very serious problem, wall anchors are a reasonably fast, high-quality solution to that problem. In many cases work can be completed in just a few days or even a single day for the smallest projects. That means you’ll stabilize your foundation while causing minimal disturbance to the building and the surrounding landscape features.

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