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When selling a home or at any other time when you might be concerned about the soundness of a building’s foundation, it’s not always easy to recognize the signs of foundation problems. When those problems are apparent, it’s not always easy to know whether a repair is truly necessary and how much it might cost. For those reasons, it’s important to consult with true experts who are trained to be able to assess these situations and provide clear directives. These experts are called structural engineers.

Our structural engineers are true foundation experts.

We have structural engineers on our team who have years of experience dealing with homes and buildings across Utah, assessing structural needs and recommending repair strategies. Our structural engineers will examine your home or building and provide you with a clear assessment of the building’s state. If your foundation requires no repair, they will tell you that. If it does require repair, they’ll recommend a strategy for moving forward, for which we can provide a clear, upfront quote.

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An Interwest foundation lifting expert will provide a free, on-site evaluation of your foundation's damage.

Signs of foundation damage? Let us take a look.

Notice cracks in your foundation? Worried about the safety and integrity of your structure? Concerned about whether you’ll be able to get full value when selling your home? Let us come in and take a look. Either you need foundation repair and we can tell you exactly what you need and what it will cost, or you don’t. Either way, knowing the truth can help you stop stressing out and make a plan.

Did you get a quote from a contractor for an expensive repair and want a second opinion? Call us and our structural engineers will provide a true expert assessment. In many cases, work may not be necessary or the scope of the project can be greatly reduced. Regardless, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a true expert opinion.

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