Resistance Piers

Resistance piering at competitive prices

Resistance piers are heavy duty steel tubing which is hydraulically pushed into the ground to stabilize sunken foundations. These tubes go as deep as they need to until they meet load bearing strata (hard compact soil or bedrock). The technicians then record the depth and psi for each pier installed. They make sure that they are load tested and then they connect all of the resistance piers together. This way, the sunken foundations can then be lifted or stabilized. Once this has been accomplished, the resistance piers are then attached to the foundations via heavy duty steel brackets.

Resistance piers offer great benefits to homeowners whose foundations have settled. Resistance Piers They are an economic solution to fix settled homes and foundations. The installation is quick and does not require large equipment to accomplish. Resistance piers can be installed inside or outside depending on the requirements of the project. They effectively and efficiently transfer the weight of the sunken foundation to stable strata deep in the ground. Resistance piers are easily load tested as they are installed. The heavier the structure the more effective resistance piers will be.

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Resistance piers are best used for lifting sunken:

Other structures in areas of unstable loose soils
Resistance piers can fix cracks in your drywall, bricks, and fix leaning walls or other symptoms of foundation settlement.

Interwest Foundation Piering is your authorized dealer for Magnum Push pier systems. Tens of thousands of homes around the United States rely on Magnum’s resistance piers to keep them on solid ground. Magnum’s patented resistance pier technology, and heavy-duty product components, combined with Interwest’s know-how will protect your home for years to come.

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