Push Piering

Underpinned, Secured, and Lifted: Push Piering Solutions

Foundation sinking and settling doesn’t usually happen in a completely uniform way. Some parts of the foundation sink or settle more than others. In order for the foundation to provide a stable base for the structure and evenly distribute the structure’s weight, the foundation must be not just be underpinned, but be lifted the right amount at each pier to be totally level again. That’s what piering systems are for.

Once a push pier has been hydraulically driven down to the bedrock or stable soil strata, it can stabilize and lift a foundation the exact right amount. The result is a stable, secure foundation for your building, protected against future settling or sinking. And for the most stable, secure results, we use the very best system on the market: the Magnum Push Piering System.

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Heavy-Duty Piering for Commercial & Residential Structures

Our strong and sturdy push piering system provides more than 30 tons of support capacity. That makes it sufficient even for many commercial and residential structures alike.

Full Scale Load Tests with Each Installation

Instead of requiring separate load testing, with Magnum push piering, each pier is load tested in the installation process itself. With verification on each and every pier installed, our foundation repair experts are able to safely and easily ensure the success of the piering project.

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