Why Proper Foundations Bracket Installation is Critical

What's in a bracket system?

You may see examples from other companies that use a few largeBracket Installation brackets to support a foundation. This would be just fine as long as the foundation is in perfect condition. However, in older buildings especially, the concrete can have some degradation and be more prone to cracking. This is one reason why Interwest uses a whole system of foundation piers, because it just works better together. Think about it: would you rather have your foundation sitting on a few big pillars, or a spread-out system of solid piers placed widely across the entire foundation? Through years of experience, we have found and use what will give our clients the best results over time. Here are a few supporting facts.

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It's About Pressure

If you look at this bracket installation, they drive and place what is known as a helical pier. After the helical pier is drilled into the ground, then the bracket is installed. The problem with this process is that the pressure of the foundation isn’t on the bracket at the time of installation. In this scenario, the weight of the house addition would then settle the foundation onto the pier, which could lead to further settling or cracking that may or may not even be visible after the fact. With this helical pier system, it isn’t tested as it is installed, which is a disadvantage. At Interwest when we use the push pier system, also known as resistance piers, we first install the brackets securely to the foundation. After the brackets are secure, then we use our sophisticated lifting system to lift each of the brackets. You can see our successful foundation lifting bracket system in a recent project in Nephi. There are pictures of our heavy duty brackets throughout the website. The push pier system and helical pier system each have advantages for different building structures and soil compositions. We can take a look at your building to determine the best foundation bracket installation system when you get your free estimate.

Why Custom Fitting Brackets is Important

Earlier in my construction career I learned how important a tight fit is to the structural stability of a system. When we were fitting wood supports onto wood platforms (for the live theater stage), some less experienced workers would screw these supports in just enough to appear ‘in place’. However, after a short time, the horizontal stability of the platform was very weak because the supporting brackets were loose and had give when under pressure. After applying torque pressure to the screws and bolts, the surface area friction of the two boards against each other provided the much needed stability to the entire system. This same physical principle is applied to our bracket system. We first custom fit the brackets to the foundation, and then provide the push pier support to lift the entire foundation together.

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