Basement Waterproofing

Protect Your Basement and Your Home With Proper Waterproofing

In many homes the foundation walls double as basement walls. In those cases, proper waterproofing is necessary to protect your basement from water damage--damage that can be so severe as to drastically reduce the livability and the value of your home. A home is no small investment, so taking some simple precautions to reduce the likelihood of water damage is a no-brainer.

Keeping water out of your home can be easier said than done. Water can enter your home in a myriad of ways, and so adequate protection can require a multi-pronged approach. A basement waterproofing expert like those on our team at Interwest can help you address any waterproofing needs you might have.

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Cracks in Basement Walls

Almost every basement or foundation wall has at least a few cracks in it. Many are caused when concrete shrinks as it sets. While these are normal, that doesn’t mean that they’re not dangerous. Even hairline cracks, if left unsealed, can allow water to penetrate through the wall, potentially exacerbating the cracks while causing damage to the structure within and aiding the growth of potentially dangerous mold. You can’t afford to leave cracks alone in a basement that hasn’t been waterproofed.

We use a polyurethane injection system that seals cracks both large and small, providing a fully waterproof barrier.When the specially-engineered polyurethane resin is injected into the crack, the resin reacts to the moisture there and expands up to 500%. This creates a tight seal, while also remaining soft enough to allow for the normal contraction and expansion that occurs over time. That flexibility extends the life of your waterproofing and protects your basement for longer.

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