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We understand how stressful foundation problems can be. When you first notice the telltale cracks in your brick or slanted floors, the security of your home or building is at stake. Can this be fixed? How much is it going to cost? Call the experts at Interwest to discuss our competitively priced Utah home foundation repair options.

Our foundation repair experts will come out and examine your foundation. They’ll assess the damage and determine what repairs, if any, are necessary. Then they’ll give you a clear, upfront quote for the suggested repairs. Once you’ve agreed, our foundation experts will go to work providing the piering, anchoring, and waterproofing you need to make sure your foundation continues to safely support your home for decades to come.

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*There is $150 fee for foundation repair inspections requested by a non-homeowner or for a real estate transaction.

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Underpinning Foundation on Stable Strata.

The most frequently necessary foundation repair solution is called underpinning, or piering. Underpinning in Utah becomes necessary when a foundation, resting on unstable soil, settles or sinks. Foundations are normally built to evenly support the pressure caused by the weight of the structure, but after sinking or settling, that weight is frequently shifted and unevenly distributed. That causes cracking, bending, or breaking in the foundation or the structural elements of the building. Plus, additional settling is always a possibility as long as the soil is unstable.

Underpinning is the process by which the weight of the building is shifted to more stable strata far deeper in the ground. This is done by drilling large steel piers deep into the ground until it reaches a stable point. Then, the piers are securely attached to the outside of the foundation. As a result, the foundation is re-leveled, and the weight of the structure is evenly distributed and supported by the stability deep within the earth.

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