Foundation Repair Costs

How much will it cost to repair my foundation?

The costs of a foundation repair job depend on the nature and severity of the underlying problem, as well as the type of materials and the amount of labor required to complete the job. That’s why we’ll come out, assess the problem, and give you a free quote before we begin any work. With Interwest, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a fair, upfront price, and that your project is being completed by skilled professionals with years of experience repairing foundations all over Utah.

The process for building a quote is a precise and technical one. That’s why we have structural engineers on our team, employing their expert knowledge in designing custom and precise foundation repair solutions that will get the job done. Because we understand exactly what will be required to repair a foundation, we’re able to provide clear quotes so that you’re never left in the dark.

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*There is $150 fee for foundation repair inspections requested by a non-homeowner or for a real estate transaction.

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What are the factors that influence cost?

Costs fluctuate depending on a number of key project details. Almost all foundation repair projects are structured similarly. They require an amount of excavation to reach the foundation to which piers are attached, and then they require that the piers be driven down a certain distance to reach stable strata, often deep below the settled soil the foundation originally rested on. The costs of a project depend most on how much excavation is needed and how deep the piers must be driven.

Fluctuation in these factors can influence how much time and labor is required to complete the project. They can also influence the type of tools required as well as the required equipment costs. With years of experience and technical experts on our side, we’re able to predict those costs and give you a fair, accurate quote for your foundation repair project.

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