Push Piering Solutions for Commercial Foundations

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When foundations settle, they usually don’t do so uniformly. Typically, certain areas settle more than others, That destabilizes a building and shifts the pressure of its weight around in uneven ways, which can cause significant damage to the foundation and the property it’s supporting. If your commercial property’s foundation has settled, action needs to be taken to lift and level it, and that’s where piering systems come in.

By hydraulically driving push piers down to the bedrock or stable, hard-packed soil strata, they can be connected and use to lift and level a commercial foundation the exact right amount, while providing continuing stability over the long-term. And because we want the most stable, secure results, we always use the Magnum Push Piering System.

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Magnum Push Piering System

The Magnum system provides over 30 tons of support capacity. That makes it useful even in large commercial projects, when other systems might not cut it.

Individual Pier Load Testing

Load testing is made elegantly simple by the Magnum push piering system. In fact, each pier is load tested as part of the installation process itself. That means that our commercial foundation repair experts can operate with certainty that the system is properly installed and calibrated to safely lift and support your commercial structure.

Easy Install

We know how important it is with commercial foundation repairs that we get in and out as quickly as possible to reduce any interruption to the building’s commercial functions. Along with the easy load testing, the Magnum system makes installation easy in a number of ways. Each hydraulic ram assembly can be operated by a single worker, requiring a minimal amount of excavation. You’ll be surprised how quickly and headache-free the Magnum push piering system can be.

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