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Secure your new commercial building from the start with a foundation piering system.

Building a office building, shop, warehouse, or another type of commercial structure is an extremely large investment. Taking care to build things in the most secure way will go a long way toward protecting that investment and ensuring a safe and stable commercial building that will last for decades. One way to save time and money down the road is to stabilize your building on a piered foundation to prevent against potential sinking or settling in the future..

How does it work?

A poured foundation is a large base for a structure. Its stability depends on the stability of the soil on which it rests. Over time, if that soil shifts, the foundation might settle or sink in places, causing an imbalance in the pressure of the weight of the building. This can cause all sorts of damage.

Replacing poured cement piles with helical piers can provide stability to a commercial building right from the outset. A number of piers are driven down into the soil and attached to the foundation, providing a strong, secure base over the long-term.

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Why Now and Not Later?

Installing piering in a new foundation is becoming increasingly common as more and more people find it smarter and safer to ensure a stable foundation from the very beginning. While installing piers down the road isn’t a complicated process, the act of settling or sinking itself can cause damage to the commercial foundation or structure that may or may not be easily or cheaply fixed. Replacing piles of poured concrete with helical piers will stabilize your foundation on deep, stable strata right now, and you’ll be able to do your business without having to worry about foundation problems caused by unstable or eroded soil.

Other key features include:

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Not sure if you want to pier your new commercial foundation? Want to know how much it will cost first? We understand wanting cost certainty, especially with projects with a large commercial scope. That’s why we provide our commercial foundation repair clients with a free quote. We’ll assess your new construction project, determining the number and type of piers needed to pier your foundation, and we’ll tell you exactly what it will cost.

Once you’ve approved us to pier your foundation, we’ll get started right away. Before you know it, your commercial building’s foundation will be fully piered and stabilized, and you won’t have to worry about it at all for decades to come.

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