Commercial Helical Pier Solutions

Helical Pier and pile solutions at competitive prices

When dealing with a sunken or settled commercial foundation, the necessary steps are clear: you have to level the foundation and find a way to support it with a more stable base to prevent further settling or sinking. And it’s imperative that it’s done as quickly as possible to minimize any interruption to the building’s commercial functions. One great way to achieve those goals is to use a helical piering or pile system.

How do helical piers work?

A helical pier is a long steel beam to which bearing plates have been securely attached in a helical pattern. Imagine something like a really large screw. A series of helical piers are screwed into the ground surrounding your commercial foundation, reaching deep past unstable, settled soil to a stable strata or bedrock deep below. The piers are attached to your commercial foundation, transferring the weight of the structure via the pier to the stable strata below.

Those helical bearing plates along the piers help create support or lift in opposition to the pressure created by the weight of the structure. That creates additional surface area to reduce the stress on the foundation and the piers, while also reducing the likelihood of further destabilization of the surrounding soil. The result is a multiplication in the pier’s ability to provide the support the structure needs, even in cases where the soil is exposed to a heavy moisture content.

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Magnum Helical Pile System for Commercial Structures

At Interwest, we always use Magnum helical piers for commercial foundation repair, because they’re simply the best in the industry. Their round-beam design is more stable than the square ones that other systems use, and the patented dual cutting-edge helix they use makes penetrating harder soils much easier.

Other key features include:

  • No need for soil removal
  • Small installation equipment with limited disturbance to a building’s commercial functions
  • Reinforced dual-sleeve connectors, allowing higher installation torque and preventing hole elongation

Magnum piers come in a variety of diameters, allowing for flexible load capacities from 8 tons to over 130 tons, making it more than adequate for large commercial foundation repair projects. Contact us today for more information on how we can use the Magnum push pier system to help fulfill your commercial foundation repair needs.

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