Commercial Helical Anchors and Tie Backs

Secure your commercial structure’s foundation with helical anchors and tie backs.

If your commercial building has experienced sinking or settling due to its foundation resting on unstable soil or due to erosion of the surrounding soil, then it’s important that action is taken to restabilize your foundation, lift it to its original, level position, and guard against further settling or sinking. And it’s important that all that is done quickly, minimizing any intrusion or interruption in your building’s commercial purposes. Installing helical anchors or tie backs is a great way to get that done.

The term helical anchor is frequently used interchangeably with helical pier or pile, but anchors or tie backs specifically utilize lateral axial tension to stabilize a foundation. They’re installed similarly though. Helical anchors are somewhat like large, steel screws that are driven into the ground into stable layers of soil beneath the unstable, settled soil. They’re then attached to the foundation via heavy-duty brackets, allowing the foundation to be supported by the stability of bedrock or hard-packed, deeper soil.

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Because anchors are driven into the ground, the only excavation required is enough to attach the anchors to the foundation. Each anchor is load tested as part of the installation process, that means our commercial foundation repair experts can install with confidence that the anchoring system will adequately support even large commercial structures.

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