Commercial Crawl Space Jacks

Commercial crawl space jacks at competitive rates

Crawl spaces are notorious for becoming leaky, moldy, and unstable, and crawl spaces in commercial buildings are no different. When water is able to penetrate the crawl space through cracks in the concrete, the integrity of the crawl space can become compromised, exposing the commercial structure above to damage and the people in it to potential injury. Sealing cracks and waterproofing the crawl space is a good thing to do, but it doesn’t solve any damage or instability in the structure of your crawl space. In those cases, we can re-stabilize your commercial crawl space with a piering solution.

Warning Sgns of Crawl Space Damage:

  • Musty or moldy smell in the office or commercial space
  • Unlevel or sinking floors
  • Water building up next to the footing
  • Pests found in the crawl space
  • Rotting wood

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How to Fix Commercial Crawl Spaces

If you notice these problems, it’s likely that your commercial building has a leaky, moisture-damaged crawl space. But in some cases, you might have instability caused by building errors. Either way, a piering system can be used to support the crawl space and prevent costly and dangerous cave-ins.

Our commercial crawl space jacks, designed by Magnum, stabilize crawl spaces by anchoring the floor above the space to more stable soil immediately under the foundation. Further settling is likely in these situations, but further adjustment can be done to prevent to restabilize the crawl space as needed.

No matter the cause of the problem with your commercial building’s crawl space, we can remedy both the underlying problem and prevent future problems by stabilizing the damaged crawl space.

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