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Foundation problems are always stressful, but commercial properties carry additional concerns of potential loss of income, as well as a potentially much greater scope of the size of the project. Interruptions for excavation and lifting can be costly, so great care must go into finding a fast, simple, and effective solution to a settled, sunken, or damaged foundation. That’s why hiring the right commercial foundation expert is one of the most important decisions you can make for the security and stability of your office, store, warehouse, or any type of workplace.

From the moment you observe the telltale cracks in your brick or slanted floors in your commercial property, the stability and safety of your commercial property is at question. Don’t waste time worrying. Call us right away. The answers to all of your questions are just a phone call away.

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*There is $150 fee for foundation repair inspections requested by a non-homeowner or for a real estate transaction.

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Secure Your Commercial Building on Stable Strata.

When sinking or settling has occurred due to unstable soil, the most common way to lift, level, and support a commercial foundation is called underpinning or piering. Underpinning is the process of shifting the weight of the building off the unstable soil that caused the settling or sinking, and anchoring it to secure, stable strata of bedrock or densely packed soil.

This is done by pushing or drilling large steel piers deep into the ground to those stable layers. Then the piers are securely attached to your commercial foundation, and the foundation is lifted and leveled into a stable position, the weight of your commercial structure is evenly distributed, and the building is securely supported by the stability found deep within the earth.

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We’ll come out and examine your commercial property’s foundation and assess your repair needs. At that point, our commercial foundation repair experts can provide you with a clear, upfront quote for those repairs. That means you can approach the repair of your commercial foundation with cost certainty.

Once you’ve agreed, we have the experts to provide the exact type of commercial foundation repair you need. Whether it’s piering, anchoring, or waterproofing, we can handle it all for you. You can leave it in our hands and focus on all your other business needs. In the end, your building will be safely supported by a working foundation for decades to come.

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