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A building depends on its foundation for strength and stability. A sunken, stressed, or compromised foundation could mean significant damage to the structure and safety of your home or building. The longer foundation problems go unrepaired, the more perilous the situation and the more costly repairing them may become. The key is to identify foundation problems early and to have them repaired by competent professionals.

Our skilled foundation repair experts stand ready to help you assess your foundation’s security and provide any necessary repairs to the integrity of your building’s foundation.

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How to Identify Foundation Problems

If your foundation rests on unstable soil, you might notice sinking or settling. Cracks might appear in your brick, stucco, or sheet rock. You might notice that your doors or windows are more difficult to close than they used to be. All of these are warning signs that a foundation repair might be necessary.

Some people notice cracks and simply plaster over them. This does nothing to remedy the cause of the cracking and the problems caused by your unstable foundation will only increase. The only way to identify and solve the root foundation problems is to call foundation repair experts like those at Interwest. We’ll assess your foundation and provide you with a free quote for any necessary repairs.

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