Foundation Brackets

***ADDED 6/20***

Foundational brackets are commonly used for connecting lumber, concrete, or other materials together to help form a structure or foundation. Brackets will be installed where two objects meet, and will hold them tightly together. There are a number of different types of brackets that exist, and a number of different functions that they can fulfill. For example, helical brackets can help when installing helical foundation piers to a structure to fix and repair foundational issues. All of the different foundational repair systems will have a bracket that connects them directly to the structure. Piers that are drilled beneath a structure will provide great foundational support, but brackets will connect the piers to the structure so that they stay attached, and maintain a stable structure. These brackets will usually have a series of holes where heavy duty screw can be installed. Therefore, piers are very useful to support a structure, but brackets are very important in keeping them attached. Brackets can be found at local improvement stores; however, you will need the right type of bracket, and heavy duty or specific brackets may need to be ordered from the manufacturer. It will be important to consult a professional to ensure that the correct bracket is installed to support your business or home.