***ADDED 6/20***

Ellis Steel Shores are used to provide extra support for commercial or residential structures. Although they might not seem like it, these braces can support anywhere from 56,00 lbs. to 80,000 lbs., giving a lot of support for your structure. These Ellis supports can provide a quick, easy, and safe way to support structures. They are available in numerous heights from 6.5″ to over 14′ with safe load capacities that exceed expectations. Both light and heavy duty steel lifting shores are available and can be used to support many different things. The design of steel shores greatly reduces the amount of friction caused when an adjustment to the wingnut is made under load and significantly increases its jacking capability. In other words, they are easy to install in any structure and are safe to work with. Unlike the standard steel shore, these with bearings are built together as one unit; therefore, there are no parts to detach, thus increasing their carrying capacity. To ensure safety, a safety lock set screw rests in the side of the nut keeping it in place. When the screw is tightened down, it locks the adjustment handle in place for permanent or long term shoring support.