***ADDED 6/21***

Over time, a clean well poured concrete floor may break and begin to form cracks. Cracking concrete will occur with a lot of use and with soil erosion beneath the slab. For normal cracking and replacement, it may be very easy to do it yourself. First, it will help to clean the damaged area by brushing out loose material away from the damaged area. Then apply a mortar repair mix that can be purchased at most home improvement stores. You will need to smooth it out and keep it level with the rest of the ground. Afterward, let the area dry. It makes take about a day or so for the area to settle and be ready to walk on. Some mixtures may take more or less than a day to dry. Additional damage could be caused by fire, aggregate expansion, saltwater effects, bacterial corrosion, calcium leaching, physical damage, and chemical damage. For some of these issues, a professional should be consulted to find the best way to repair concrete.

Although you may not want to hassle with fixing concrete, it will be important to get it done. Altered or cracked concrete could be a tripping hazard. People may not see part of the concrete popping up from the ground and trip and fall on the hard concrete. Fixing it will decrease the risk of injuries. Cracked concrete can also be damaging to nearby structures and foundation. The crack may just be the start of a bigger problem, so get it fixed before it becomes bigger.