Examples of Concrete That CANNOT Be Lifted

Concrete We Cannot Lift

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Sadly, some concrete is too far gone to be repaired. An Interwest concrete repair expert will assess the damages to your concrete, identify the cause behind the damage and determine if your surfaces are a candidate for our Utah concrete lifting and leveling services. While the majority of cases are a good fit for our Concrete Lifting and Leveling Services, some are simply beyond saving.


The age of the concrete itself has to be taken into account. Concrete is durable and can last 20-30 if properly maintained and if concrete is approaching this 20 year mark, paired with extensive damage, it's probably time to just completely redo the whole thing.

Trying to repair ancient concrete is not worth the effort, as new issues will begin to arise as soon as you've repaired the old ones. Repairs will always lengthen the life of your concrete but at some point it doesn’t make sense if you will be faced with a complete concrete replacement in the near future.

Examples of Concrete That CAN Be Lifted

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Condition of Concrete

The condition of concrete is a major determining factor in concrete repair vs replacement. If concrete has extensive cracking, sinking, buckling or has crumbled to the point of resembling gravel, it may be beyond repair. However, it can still be an option to replace slabs that cannot be fixed while repairing others that can still be saved.

Interwest concrete lifting experts will never attempt to fix concrete that they feel is beyond repair and will only take on projects that we feel confident will result in long term, sustainable concrete restoration and customer satisfaction. Call us today to receive a free estimate and expert advice on concrete repair vs replacement!

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