Concrete Lifting Proccess

How does it work?

One of our trusted Utah Interwest Concrete Lifting experts will first assess the damage to your concrete and offer an estimate for a customized concrete lifting solution. If we are confident that your project is a good candidate for concrete restoration, than you can expect to save ½-⅓ the cost of a total concrete replacement while achieving permanent, sustainable results.

Once an appointment has been scheduled, the process concrete lifting process will be completed quickly and with little disturbance to surrounding landscaping and the daily runnings of your property. Concrete can be lifted anywhere in about 2-8 hours, depending on the size of the job, and will be ready for traffic the next day!

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How Does Concrete Lifting Work?

Sunken concrete slabs are lifted using the slabjacking method, a process of drilling various strategically placed points and injecting a unique, long lasting mixture to fill the voids. Once the concrete is repaired, the holes are patched with color that is carefully matched. Slabjacking can be done quickly and for the fraction of the cost of a total concrete replacement.

Step 1 - Small 1 1/2″ strategically placed holes are drilled in the surface of the concrete slab. These holes will be used as injection points for pumping our unique, long lasting grout mixture beneath the sunken slab.

Step 2 – Once the holes have been drilled, a high pressure grout pump is used to force grout into the void beneath the slab. Once the void is filled, the lifting process will begin. The technicians carefully pump grout beneath the slab using an alternating pattern between the drilled holes. Doing this ensures that the slab will lift evenly to prevent further breaks and cracks.

Step 3 – After the slab has been lifted back into place, the holes are patched and your slab is as good as new. If you have colored concrete, don’t worry, we can match that too.

Interwest experts have streamlined efficiency to lower costs while maximizing effectiveness in our Utah concrete lifting services. Our comprehensive approach, high standards in concrete repair solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart from the competition. Our concrete lifting process has been developed to ensure that once concrete has been skillfully restored to its original position, the integrity of the concrete has been adequately reinforced to prevent future damages.

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