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Slabjacking, or mudjacking, is a cost effective alternative to replacing sunken and damaged concrete. The slabjacking process works to lift existing concrete back to its original position, resulting in expertly leveled concrete surfaces without breaking the bank.

Small 1 1/2″ holes are strategically drilled around the concrete area needing to be lifted. These holes are used to alternately pump a slurry mixture, specifically formulated for Utah’s elements, beneath the sunken slab. This mixture flows smoothly underneath the slab to fill every void and depression, evenly lifting the slab back into place.

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Our materials and methods are designed to address the cause behind sinking concrete while entirely filling every void beneath the sunken concrete (unlike competitors that rely on pillars), in order to ensure that every point of the concrete slab is supported. Interwest concrete lifting experts have successfully used the mud jacking method to produce permanent concrete lifting results that save property owners both time and money as an alternative to total concrete replacement.

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