Lifting vs Replacing

Repair or Replace?

If the concrete surrounding your home or business is cracking, crumbling, sinking or buckling it can lower the curb appeal, value of your property and create dangerous tripping hazards. Concrete is an enormous investment for property owners and it can be particularly frustrating when concrete fails long before it should. Replacing concrete is expensive, time consuming and damages surrounding landscaping. Concrete lifting a cost effective alternative that creates lasting results at a fraction of the cost of a total concrete replacement with little impact on surrounding landscaping.

While some concrete is beyond repair, most concrete can be saved. An Interwest expert will be able to determine whether your concrete is a good candidate for repair vs replacement based on the condition of the concrete. As long as the concrete is in fairly good shape, without too many cracks, concrete raising will most often be an effect solution. If the concrete has crumbled to the point of resembling gravel, it might be too far gone to repair. Interwest technicians will never advise property owners to repair concrete in need of replacement. We want to ensure that you are directed to the best possible solution that promotes longevity of your concrete.

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How Long Does Repairing Concrete Take vs Replacing?

Concrete raising can be accomplished, start to finish, within hours as opposed to the days required for a complete replacement. Concrete replacement involves removing the concrete, re-grading and allowing days for the curing process to complete. You can walk on raised concrete immediately and drive on it in a matter of hours. When the job needs to be done quickly, concrete raising is your best choice. Fast results do not equal sloppy results, however. Our efficient concrete raising services are never rushed, corners are never cut. It is the process itself that is less intrusive and requires far less time than a replacement.

What Effect Does Repairing Concrete Have on my Yard?

The experts at Interwest pay particular attention to the landscape adjacent to concrete needing repair. Concrete raising is designed to minimize the impact on surrounding flower beds, gardens and grass with specialized, compact equipment. A total concrete replacement will leave your yard damaged with the need for heavy equipment, trenches and concrete forms. Concrete raising successfully repairs concrete without compromising your landscaping.

How Much Will I Save Repairing Cost vs Replacing Concrete?

Utah concrete raising services are ⅓ - ½ the cost of replacing concrete. Less labor, time and materials are required for concrete raising and our Interwest concrete repair experts have streamlined efficiency in our techniques and methods to bring costs down. Concrete Raising offers an economical solution to repair damaged concrete as opposed to a costly total replacement and will eliminate the need for future expensive repairs and replacements with proven, sustainable, results.

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