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Is the concrete around your home or business sinking, falling away, cracking and unlevel? Did you know that you can repair concrete for a fraction of the cost to replace it? The concrete leveling process works to raise existing sunken concrete slabs to their original level, permanently. Lifted concrete can last indefinitely while costing ½ - ⅓ the ammount of removing and replacing concrete.

Concrete Leveling Process

First an Interwest concrete leveling expert will assess the damage to concrete, as well as identifying and cause of damage, and determine the most economical and effective concrete lifting solution. Our experts will then provide you with an upfront, honest estimate for a customized concrete leveling plan.

Sunken concrete slabs are lifted through slabjacking which is the process of drilling various strategically placed points and injecting a unique, long lasting mixture to fill the voids. Once the concrete is repaired, the holes are patched and are carefully color matched. Slabjacking can be done quickly and for the fraction of the cost of a total slab replacement and results in expertly leveled concrete that will hold firm for years to come.

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What Material is Pumped Beneath Concrete?

There are many methods and materials for concrete leveling. While many contractors claim their materials and methods are sufficient, they are in fact cutting corners to produce temporary results. If the material does not fill the entire void, or if it is too weak to hold the concrete slab, you will eventually need to level the concrete again. Interwest uses a dense, 4 part, mixture formulated specifically for Utah’s elements and their effects on concrete. This unique blend is pumped beneath concrete with a consistency that has been expertly developed to smoothly fill every void and support every weak spot.

Interwest stands apart from the competition for their commitment to customer satisfaction and never cutting corners. We ensure that, from start to finish, every concrete lifting project is thoroughly executed. We take the time to address the cause behind the damage, approach concrete repairs with customized solutions and use only state of the art materials and methods to ensure long term results. Call us to receive a free estimate today!

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