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The soils beneath the concrete walkways surrounding your property can begin to shift and settle causing slabs to fall away, sink and crack. Damaged concrete will not only lower the curb appeal and value of your property, uneven walkways are a tripping hazard as well. Utah Concrete lifting is an innovative solution that can achieve results quickly and for the fraction of the cost of a total concrete replacement.

Concrete raising and leveling is achieved through the slabjacking method. Several strategically placed holes are first drilled, a unique, specially formulated mixture is then alternately pumped beneath the sunken concrete to fill voids and raise the slab back into place, evenly. Once the concrete is restored to its original position, the holes are patched with carefully matched color.

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An Interwest Concrete Lifting expert will provide a free on-site evaluation of the damage to your concrete. This comprehensive evaluation will include a diagnosis of concrete damage, the cause behind it and a free estimate for a customized concrete lifting solution. Most walkways are a good candidate for concrete restoration.

Interwest walkway restoration services will be ½-⅓ the cost of a total concrete replacement while achieving permanent, sustainable results. Call a concrete lifting expert today!

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