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A porch is the entranceway to your home and can be a welcoming, comfortable place to relax while visiting with neighbors and a central characteristic of the home’s curb appeal. A sagging, sinking porch lowers the value of the property and (rather than serving as a gathering point) will most likely sit unused. Concrete porch lifting will also reduce the risk of tripping, slips, and falls due to sinking or un-level concrete.

Sagging porches are a common problem in Utah, and can be easily fixed with professional concrete lifting services. Utah concrete porch lifting is a permanent solution that will restore your porch to it’s original position for a fraction of the cost of a total replacement. The slabjacking method can repair concrete porches as well as the sinking concrete beneath another material.

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The slabjacking concrete lifting process has been streamlined to lower costs while providing consistently sustainable results. Our experts rely on state of the art equipment and methods that offer minimal disruption to surrounding landscaping while effectively stabilizing porches for years to come.

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