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Patios are a wonderful addition to your home as an area designed to more comfortably enjoy the outdoors. Most patios are made of concrete, a material meant to last despite inclement weather. However, concrete can become prematurely damaged due to shifting soils, excess water or poor soil compaction.

The patio can easily become neglected and avoided if it begins to deteriorate. The cost to replace a concrete patio can deter most homeowners from addressing the damage, however most concrete slabs can be saved and restored to their original state through a process called slabjacking. Concrete patio repairs in Utah can be made for ⅓ the cost of a total concrete replacement!

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Concrete patio lifting will address the cause behind the damage in order to prevent recurring issues and provide concrete repair results that last. Slabjacking is designed to minimize disruption to surrounding landscaping and can be accomplished in only a few hours, depending on the size of the project, and concrete is functional again within 24 hours.

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