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We just finished up an amazing concrete lifting job in Lehi Utah. If you’re not familiar with the area, Lehi is located between Salt Lake City and Provo. This particular three car garage was constructed entirely on fill. By our estimates, a good 10′ – 12′ of fill were used to bring the final grade high enough to construct the garage. Unfortunately for this home owner, the fill was not properly compacted before the garage floor was poured. Although the floor slab was properly doweled into the foundation the earth sank and the middle of the floor sank with it. Suspended in place, the outer edges had up to 10″ of void beneath them.

The remedy would be to employ a method known as concrete lifting. Concrete Lifting to pump pressurized grout below the Concrete Lifting garage pump surface of the concrete to lift it back into position. Over 90 1 1/2″ holes were drilled to use as injection points for the grout. Moving back and forth between the drilled holes to pump the grout with our mobile grout pump we successfully lifted the concrete back into position. Before we lifted the slab back into place water would pool in the middle of the garage. This allowed the water to drain below the slab and and further settle the fill, making the problem worse. Now that the slab has been lifted, the water can drain out of the garage onto the driveway.

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