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The concrete surrounding a pool not only enhances the beauty of the pool area but also serves a functional purpose to direct excess water away. It is crucial that concrete pool decks are level and undamaged as trip hazards around water can have devastating consequences. Utah concrete lifting is a permanent and cost effective solution to restore concrete rather than replace.

Poor soil compaction during excavation is the most common cause for sinking concrete. An in ground pool is particularly vulnerable to shifting soils as shifting soils paired with the compression weight of the pool creates voids beneath concrete slab. Voids and eroding soils beneath concrete slabs can cause problems such as: Sinking concrete deck slabs that create uneven surfaces, cracking/ crumbling concrete and improper sloping.

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Pool Deck Lifting Utah

Slabjacking is an ideal concrete pool deck repair solution. Replacing concrete is often unnecessary and costly while slabjacking can effectively restore concrete for a fraction of the cost. This method is provides the least amount of disturbance to surrounding landscaping and concrete is functional again within 24 hours.

Pool deck concrete is also unique in that, slabjacking is the only method that can be used with vinyl-lined pools, never use foam jacking as it can expand between the pool liner and wall. Contact a Utah concrete deck lifting expert to receive a free on-site estimate!

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