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Curbs and gutters can pull away from adjacent sidewalks and driveways due to shifting subsoils. Slabjacking is a cost effective alternative to concrete replacement and provides minimal disruption to surrounding landscaping. This fast and effect method achieves permanent Utah curb repairs and sustainable concrete leveling results within hours and concrete can be functional again within 24 hours.

Interwest concrete lifting experts will first accurately diagnose the cause behind concrete damage. Excess water, improper soil compaction, tree roots and soil erosion are common problems that need to be dealt with in order to prevent recurring damage and ensure that any curb repairs made will be sustainable and permanent.

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Interwest leads the industry with quality innovations in Utah concrete lifting and foundation piering products and services as well as our strong focus to superior customer service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has allowed us to build a reputation for trustworthy services and reliable results at competitive prices.

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