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When a commercial concrete surface is becomes unsafe due to settlement issues, prompt action is required to ensure the safety of your property and to prevent further damages. Removing and replacing concrete, especially large surface areas, is extremely costly and often unnecessary. Commercial concrete lifting and leveling is a cost effective alternative to a total concrete replacement while producing lasting, permanent results and reduces the time that concrete is out of order.

Interwest’s Utah commercial concrete lifting systems utilize state of the art equipment and methods to skillfully pump a specially formulated slurry mixture beneath sunken concrete surfaces. This mixture is designed specifically to combat the elements unique to Utah, smoothly filling voids under concrete to stabilize soil and lift concrete slabs. Interwest concrete experts are equipped to deal with any commercial, industrial, or municipal concrete project, large or small.

We stand apart from the competition with a focus on customer satisfaction, low costs, innovative solutions and long term, sustainable commercial concrete lifting results. Call us today to receive a free estimate!

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