It is natural, over time, for concrete slabs to sink or settle due to weather, or inadequate soil compaction below the slab. Replacing the concrete can be time consuming and expensive, so save yourself the trouble and get it lifted. 

After drilling a dime size hole into specific spots in the concrete slab, expanding polyurethane foam is injected below the slab to fill the voids and ultimately lift the concrete. Concrete slabs can be lifted in minutes and when done with high strength polyurethane foam, can be ready for vehicle traffic in 30 minutes or less.



Polyurethanes are strong, lightweight materials that are often used in manufacturing because of their, cost effective, durable, environmentally friendly nature. Slab lifting with foam is superior to a cement based product because it is lightweight and won’t add additional weight to already compromised soil beneath the slab. 

Concrete lifting, is environment-friendly, hassle-free, and quick. As long as the slabs are in good condition and relatively crack free… concrete lifting is the option for you.