***ADDED 6/18***

Over time concrete slabs may begin to crack or shift. This is often caused by natural shifting, weather, climate change, usage, or faulty soil compaction beneath the concrete. These causes damage the concrete because they eventually result in a loose and uneven foundation. Instead of tearing out the slab and replacing it, concrete lifting can be a quick, cost-efficient alternative to keeping your concrete level. Concrete Lifting is an innovative process of repairing cracked or shifted concrete slabs by injecting grout (polyurethane mixture) through the drilled holes that will set and serve as a new solid foundation to the soil beneath the slab. Concrete lifting is the best solution to fix sunken, tilted, and cracked concrete slabs. Although this task is easy and quick, professionals should take charge of completing and monitoring this project to ensure that it is done right.

Concrete lifting, apart from being cost-effective, is environment-friendly, hassle-free, and quick. Lifting your concrete will save you from pouring concrete and wasting the currently broken slab that is already in place. As long as the damage is not extensive, then concrete lifting can be used to quickly provide fixe concrete panels.

The material that is used in concrete lifting is a polyurethane compound that is injected beneath the slab of concrete to raise it up and to keep it level with the area around it. Polyurethanes are a stiff and strong material that is often used to manufacture high-resilience foam seating, rigid foam insulation panels, and durable elastomeric wheels for roller coasters, escalators, shopping carts, elevators, and skateboard wheels. It is a strong material that will provide a sturdy foundation allowing you to not worry about walking or driving over the repaired concrete slab.