***ADDED 6/21***

The cost of foundation repair will fluctuate depending on a few factors. The amount of piers that are installed can raise the price of foundation repair. Some structures may need a few piers to keep it in place, while other buildings may need more piers of severe foundation damage. To bring the cost down a bit, you may try installing piers a bit farther apart; however, that could threaten the future structural integrity. So it will be important to first consult with a professional. The type of pier will also come into play when determining the price. There a helical, push, grout, and many other types that all are installed a bit differently. Concrete or grout piers will generally cost a bit less than steel piers; but, steel piers will provide more support. Steel is driven down to the bedrock, while concrete will still be in loose soil. Both options are great for securing your foundation, but it may be better to base your decision on what is better for your home rather than on price. The damage to the foundation, depending on the extent, and type will alter the price. Some issues may be fixed easily with pier installation; however, some types of damage may require more equipment and time to repair. Many pier installation companies will use subcontractors to work on the installation process. The cost of their labor will also be a factor in how hard they need to work based upon all of the other price factors.

Generally, the price of foundation repair will only increase over time. Cracks in the concrete or foundation will increase in size with the heating and cooling of seasonal temperatures. So, it will be beneficial to have your foundation repaired as soon as possible.