Lift or Replace?

Posted Feb 11th 2019

No matter where you live, the concrete on your property can become damaged with years of wear and tear. Homeowners with cracked, uneven, or sinking concrete can either have the concrete removed and replaced, or they can repair through concrete lifting. If you don't have any experience with concrete repair, you may be confused at how to decide which method is best for your situation. But the answer is actually quite simple: lifting is almost always the better choice. Here are a few comparisons between concrete lifting and concrete repair, brought to you by our concrete restoration experts.

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Snow Removal for Concrete

Posted Jan 21st 2019

For homeowners, winter brings a frustrating task: removing snow from your driveway or sidewalk. Leaving snowfall to become an icy, slick surface on the concrete outside your home is a recipe for accidents, which means effective snow removal is a top priority. A common method you might have used before is a salt application to melt the snow and ice away. But the use of salt over time will cause major damage to your concrete, creating cracks, pits, and potholes in the surface. If you're looking for some alternatives to save your driveway some wear and tear, here are some tips on snow removal for concrete, brought to you by our concrete repair experts.

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Concrete We Can't Repair vs Concrete We Can

Posted Nov 21st 2018

It's no secret that concrete can take some major damage throughout the years. Crackling, sinking, and crumbling concrete is a commonplace eyesore surrounding many homes and businesses. Often the damage is manageable enough that we here at Interwest are able to do concrete repair. But there are cases where, unfortunately, the concrete is simply too damaged to be repaired.

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How Does Moisture Affect Concrete?

Posted Oct 19th 2018

Concrete may be an excellent, sturdy building material, but it's still susceptible to the environment around it. Even if it was mixed, poured, and cured properly, excessive moisture can still create some big problems for it. With the weather turning damp and cold it's good to know what you need to watch out for. Here are some of the ways moisture can affect concrete, brought to you by our concrete repair experts.

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The Benefits of Mudjacking

Posted Sep 21st 2018

Mudjacking, a process that fills gaps underneath concrete with a cement slurry to raise sunken slabs, is a popular new method of concrete repair. But why should you choose it over other solutions? Here are some of the best benefits of mudjacking, brought to you by our concrete repair experts.

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Why Do Walls Crack

Posted Jul 20th 2018

Cracks in the walls happen to every home eventually, and can sometimes even be fixed, but they're often an indicator of a serious structural problem. There are many possible causes of wall cracks; here are just a few, brought to you by our foundation specialists.

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How Does Weather Affect Concrete Repair?

Posted May 30th 2018

Concrete repair can be a tricky problem to resolve, especially since it must be done outside where it is susceptible to elements we can't control. Different types of weather can have major effects on concrete that can make or break the repair. Here are some of the weather conditions that can have the most impact on concrete repair.

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Top 6 Reasons Why Concrete Sinks

Posted Jan 19th 2018

Sinking concrete is, unfortunately, a relatively common problem homeowners will face. It's an incredibly frustrating and hindering setback that requires concrete repair, and it doesn't happen without explanation. Here are some of the top reasons why concrete sinks.

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Interwest adds Polyurethane Foam to Concrete Lifting Services

Posted Nov 9th 2017

Polyurethane foam is a state if the art concrete lifting option that allows for more accuracy and efficiency than any previous method. Interwest is excited to offer this cost effective, permanent solution to their concrete lifting product line. Concrete lifting can potentially be as little as 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of concrete removal and replacement and creates lasting results that improve the value of homes and businesses.

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Signs of a Sinking Foundation

Posted Oct 26th 2017

The foundation is the most essential part of your home. If it is set inadequately, defects will only get worse as time goes on. One of the most serious consequences of a house settling is a sinking foundation. This is a complication that needs to be examined as soon as possible to prevent further damage and save on future foundation repair costs. Here are some some signs to look for if you suspect you have a sinking foundation.

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Protect your Basement from Leaks this Spring

Posted Apr 22nd 2017

Spring is here and with the warming weather comes rain, melted snow and potential flooding.

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Springtime Concrete Repair

Posted Apr 22nd 2017

Spring is here and that means it’s time for spring cleaning and household repairs.

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Curb Appeal

Posted Feb 27th 2017

First impressions are vital to selling a home. If there is concrete damage outside the home, buyers are more likely to pass without even stepping foot inside.

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Winter Concrete Damage

Posted Jan 17th 2017

Concrete is durable yet porous and highly susceptible to damage caused by Utah’s winter weather conditions. Temperatures fluctuate above and below the freezing point frequently during the winter months, this freeze/thaw cycle has the most impact on concrete.

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Why does Concrete Deteriorate?

Posted Jan 5th 2017

Concrete is a valued asset to most homeowners and it can be devastating to have to spend money for new concrete to replace certain areas.

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Foundation Wall Anchoring

Posted Nov 1st 2016

Cracks around your home, fissures in the chimney, or the presence of water in the basement can all be signs foundation problems.

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Why Does Concrete Sink?

Posted May 11th 2016

Uneven soil settling, improper soil compaction and the presence of excess water are the most common culprits in sinking concrete.

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Why Concrete Lifting is Seasonal

Posted Dec 23rd 2013

With the sub freezing temperatures and snow on the ground, winter is officially upon us. We have had a great year concrete lifting and the cold temperatures...

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Concrete Lifting Utah!

Posted Dec 5th 2013

As Interwest Concrete reaches the 5 year mark of providing Utah with concrete lifting and repair, our team is reflecting on our growth and successes.

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Concrete Lifting a Sure Savings

Posted Nov 1st 2013

The Utah concrete lifting and repair process has emerged as an innovative, cost effective alternative to total concrete replacement. 

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Concrete Lifting Project in Draper, UT

Posted Sep 26th 2013

Interwest concrete lifting experts recently completed a number of concrete repairs around a home in Draper, Utah.

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Concrete Lifting in Alpine, Utah

Posted Jul 8th 2013

Concrete settlement in Utah is all too common. The soil in Utah is known to shift quite a bit and contractors often do not compact the soil well enough to...

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Concrete Lifting - Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted May 25th 2013

Using an advanced concrete lifting process, Interwest concrete experts were able to lift the floor of a Salt Lake City home back into place.

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Concrete Lifting Garage Floor

Posted Apr 21st 2013

Our Interwest concrete lifting team successfully completed a difficult 3 car garage floor concrete lifting project in Lehi Utah.

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