Interwest Announces New Deep Injection Foam Process

Posted Jun 20th 2018

We here at Interwest are happy to announce we are offering a new solution to sunken concrete: the deep injection foam process for concrete lifting.

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Partnering With STELCOR

Posted Mar 14th 2018

Interwest is excited to announce our partnership as an authorized installer with Stelcor, an innovation in drill installation. It is the optimal solution to limited access areas and poor soil, with an exceptional system that will allow us here at Interwest to secure your foundation repair better than ever before.

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Interwest adds Polyurethane Foam to Concrete Lifting Services

Posted Nov 9th 2017

Polyurethane foam is a state if the art concrete lifting option that allows for more accuracy and efficiency than any previous method. Interwest is excited to offer this cost effective, permanent solution to their concrete lifting product line. Concrete lifting can potentially be as little as 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of concrete removal and replacement and creates lasting results that improve the value of homes and businesses.

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Innovative Changes to Foundation Piering Utah

Posted Apr 22nd 2017

Interwest Piering & Concrete Lifting is excited to announce that we are now certified contractors of the patented Stabil-loc Foundation Piering System!

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Resistance Piers in Nephi, UT

Posted Dec 8th 2015

It is common for houses in Nephi, Utah to experience significant settling of soil after the foundation of the home has been poured.

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Why Proper Foundation Bracket Installations is Critical

Posted Nov 4th 2014

Interwest has designed a total foundation pier system that incorporates and builds upon the practice of using brackets to stabilize a foundation.

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Lifting an Entire House in Nephi After Foundation Settlement

Posted Jul 21st 2014

After a long search, a customer in Nephi had found the perfect home, or so they thought. The foundation of the home had settled.

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Concrete Lifting Utah!

Posted Dec 5th 2013

As Interwest Concrete reaches the 5 year mark of providing Utah with concrete lifting and repair, our team is reflecting on our growth and successes.

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Concrete Lifting Project in Draper, UT

Posted Sep 26th 2013

Interwest concrete lifting experts recently completed a number of concrete repairs around a home in Draper, Utah.

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Concrete Lifting in Alpine, Utah

Posted Jul 8th 2013

Concrete settlement in Utah is all too common. The soil in Utah is known to shift quite a bit and contractors often do not compact the soil well enough to...

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Concrete Lifting - Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted May 25th 2013

Using an advanced concrete lifting process, Interwest concrete experts were able to lift the floor of a Salt Lake City home back into place.

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