Concrete We Can't Repair vs Concrete We Can

Posted Nov 21st 2018


Concrete We Can't Repair vs Concrete We Can

It's no secret that concrete can take some major damage throughout the years. Crackling, sinking, and crumbling concrete is a commonplace eyesore surrounding many homes and businesses. Often the damage is manageable enough that we here at Interwest are able to do concrete repair. But there are cases where, unfortunately, the concrete is simply too damaged to be repaired.

Concrete is heavily influenced by weather and age. Whether it happens years later or soon after construction, concrete can shift, settle, and crack, creating unsightly cracks and dangerous unevenness. Completely replacing concrete is an expensive and tedious job, which is why a repair job is far preferred. There are many options for concrete repair offered by Interwest for different areas of damage. Lifting, leveling, mudjacking, polyurethane foam, and deep injection foam are all very effective repair techniques. As long as the concrete is still in fairly good shape or the early stages of damage, concrete repair is still possible.

(Concrete like this that is still overall in good condition with more minimal damage is a much easier repair job.)

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The majority of cases that we see are good candidates for our services. Unfortunately, though, there are also many that just aren't worth the effort. Concrete that is over 30 years old, severely cracked, and/or beginning to crumble away are often better off being replaced. While repairs can lengthen the life of concrete, new problems are likely to arise nonetheless, and at some point, you won't be able to put off replacement any longer. In the long run, it's more financially and time efficient to replace if your concrete is too damaged to be repaired.

(Concrete like this that has extensive damage from deep cracks and sinking is too damaged to effectively repair.)

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Do you have any questions about concrete restoration? An Interwest concrete repair expert can thoroughly examine your concrete, assessing the damage to help you conclude if your concrete is a good fit for our concrete lifting and leveling services. Contact Interwest's concrete repair experts today, we're happy to help!