The Benefits of Mudjacking

Posted Sep 21st 2018


The Benefits of Mudjacking

Mudjacking, a process that fills gaps underneath concrete with a cement slurry to raise sunken slabs, is a popular new method of concrete repair. But why should you choose it over other solutions? Here are some of the best benefits of mudjacking, brought to you by our concrete repair experts.

It's Affordable

Mudjacking is undoubtedly the most affordable way to repair damaged concrete. It's a fraction of the cost of concrete replacement, generally up to ½ the price. This method is also less expensive than polyjacking, a similar repair process that uses more pricey materials.

It's Quick and Clean

Other methods of concrete repair (such as tearing up and replacing your damaged concrete) quickly turn into a messy, drawn-out ordeal. Mudjacking is a quick, clean process of repair. Most projects can be finished in just a few hours, ready for use again in less than a day, and the machinery won't damage your surrounding landscape. It's a far less painful and time-consuming undertaking.

The Concrete Will Match

When you choose concrete slab replacement, a common complication can come in not being able to match the coloring or texture of your original concrete. This concern is nonexistent with mudjacking. Since the concrete isn't being replaced, simply lifted, the original slab is still there. The repair will be virtually invisible. If you have stained or stamped concrete, this will definitely be the best repair option.

Property Value Enhanced

Uneven concrete is an unsightly and potentially dangerous blow to your property value. It can create a tripping hazard for both you and your neighbors. When you raise your concrete, you significantly enhance your property's value. Raising also doesn't disrupt the concrete's color and pattern as mentioned above, so you won't be trading one eyesore for another.


Compared to other concrete repair techniques, mudjacking gets a stamp of approval for being the most environmentally-friendly. The cement slurry that is used eliminates harmful landfill waste and is made of natural materials that are safe for the environment. The process also produces zero waste and doesn't require as much energy to complete.

A More Stable Repair

Often when slab replacement is done, the soil beneath the repair doesn't get much thought. This is a troubling oversight. Empty air pockets remain, so the slab has a good chance of simply settling again. The mudjacking process, on the other hand, fills these soil voids, resulting in a much more stable and secure fix. The repair is guaranteed to last a much longer time.

If you're on the fence about whether or not you should choose mudjacking over other concrete repair options, learning more about this method can help you make the best decision for your situation. Do you have any questions about mudjacking? Contact Interwest's concrete repair experts today, we're happy to help!