Why Do Walls Crack

Posted Jul 20th 2018

Cracks in the walls happen to every home eventually, and can sometimes even be fixed, but they're often an indicator of a serious structural problem. There are many possible causes of wall cracks; here are just a few, brought to you by our foundation specialists.

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Interwest Announces New Deep Injection Foam Process

Posted Jun 20th 2018

We here at Interwest are happy to announce we are offering a new solution to sunken concrete: the deep injection foam process for concrete lifting.

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How Does Weather Affect Concrete Repair?

Posted May 30th 2018

Concrete repair can be a tricky problem to resolve, especially since it must be done outside where it is susceptible to elements we can't control. Different types of weather can have major effects on concrete that can make or break the repair. Here are some of the weather conditions that can have the most impact on concrete repair.

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Before You Buy a Home, Hire a Structural Engineer

Posted Apr 9th 2018

Buying a home is a difficult decision, made all the more so by the fear that you may end up with a home that has an unsafe structure and fear of foundation repair. Hiring a structural engineer can help you avoid this.

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Partnering With STELCOR

Posted Mar 14th 2018

Interwest is excited to announce our partnership as an authorized installer with Stelcor, an innovation in drill installation. It is the optimal solution to limited access areas and poor soil, with an exceptional system that will allow us here at Interwest to secure your foundation repair better than ever before.

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