Lift or Replace?

Posted Feb 11th 2019

No matter where you live, the concrete on your property can become damaged with years of wear and tear. Homeowners with cracked, uneven, or sinking concrete can either have the concrete removed and replaced, or they can repair through concrete lifting. If you don't have any experience with concrete repair, you may be confused at how to decide which method is best for your situation. But the answer is actually quite simple: lifting is almost always the better choice. Here are a few comparisons between concrete lifting and concrete repair, brought to you by our concrete restoration experts.

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Snow Removal for Concrete

Posted Jan 21st 2019

For homeowners, winter brings a frustrating task: removing snow from your driveway or sidewalk. Leaving snowfall to become an icy, slick surface on the concrete outside your home is a recipe for accidents, which means effective snow removal is a top priority. A common method you might have used before is a salt application to melt the snow and ice away. But the use of salt over time will cause major damage to your concrete, creating cracks, pits, and potholes in the surface. If you're looking for some alternatives to save your driveway some wear and tear, here are some tips on snow removal for concrete, brought to you by our concrete repair experts.

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Why You Should Waterproof Your Basement

Posted Dec 20th 2018

Water damage in the basement is one of the most common and destructive types of disasters you can experience as a homeowner. It comes without warning and can cause costly damage. If you worry about your home being prone to water damage, consider getting your basement waterproofed. It's a process that can help protect your family's health and your home's safety in the event of water damage. Here are some reasons why you should waterproof your basement, brought to you by our foundation specialist professionals.

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Concrete We Can't Repair vs Concrete We Can

Posted Nov 21st 2018

It's no secret that concrete can take some major damage throughout the years. Crackling, sinking, and crumbling concrete is a commonplace eyesore surrounding many homes and businesses. Often the damage is manageable enough that we here at Interwest are able to do concrete repair. But there are cases where, unfortunately, the concrete is simply too damaged to be repaired.

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How Does Moisture Affect Concrete?

Posted Oct 19th 2018

Concrete may be an excellent, sturdy building material, but it's still susceptible to the environment around it. Even if it was mixed, poured, and cured properly, excessive moisture can still create some big problems for it. With the weather turning damp and cold it's good to know what you need to watch out for. Here are some of the ways moisture can affect concrete, brought to you by our concrete repair experts.

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