Basement Leak Repair

ADDED 6/18***

Basements can be a great extra space in your home; however, because they are at, or are beneath ground level, they face a bigger threat from water damage. Leaks may occur over time that allows water to seep through walls into your home. Leakage may be caused by the pressure of water in the soil around the basement. Water may also seep into your basement along the seams of a concrete wall and the floor. Although concrete walls are solid and sturdy, water can still seep through the walls into your basement caused by high hydrostatic pressure (very saturated soil) in the soil around your home outside the foundation may cause water to seep through concrete walls. The pressure against a concrete block foundation will often eat away at the mortar joints, leading to cracks in the concrete that allow water to penetrate through the walls. Indicators of water seeping through the foundation may appear as water stains on the walls and pooling water on the floor. To fix or prevent leaks in your basement, it may help to direct water away from your house. This can be done by adding Gutter Extensions, plugging gaps, restoring the crown, reshaping the landscape, repairing footing drains, installing a curtain drain, pumping the water, waterproofing the walls. Waterproofing primers and crack injections that may be bought at home improvement stores are not permanent but will be a great quick temporary fix. However, if they are correctly applied, they may be able to last even longer. Professional basement waterproofing ensures that the proper tools and methods are used to seal up your leaky basement.